About Company

  • SCALEBAN Equipment Pvt. Ltd. is world’s only company providing sustainable ZLD (ZERO LIQUID DISCHARGE) solution GLOBALLY  i.e. without RO, Evaporator (MEE), CPU & Incineration Boiler.
  • SEPL is an outcome of the great far sight of a visionary, was established in 1999 to tame world’s two burning crisis i.e. WATER & ENERGY
  • SEPL indigenously developed a technology ‘SCALE-BAN’ to achieve ZLD on sustainable basis without conventional & costly technologies like RO & MEE (Evaporator) by utilizing Process Effluent as makeup water in COOLING TOWERS in place of fresh water thereby saving fresh water consumption that too without affecting plant performance.


SCALEBAN Equipment Pvt. Ltd., led by Mr. Pankaj Kumar, CEO & MD the great visionary who foresaw the inevitable crisis lying ahead for whole world to face & succumb to it and developed this technology ‘SCALE-BAN’ with his unwavering thoughts, imaginations & tenacious efforts. His unfathomable depth of technical knowledge punched with sheer determination to romp ahead has already created a big wave in the global arena and because he believes in consistently moving forward the day is not far when the whole world will salute his innovative technology ‘SCALEBAN’….. His very own brain child.

MD’s View

Our goal is to protect society & next generation by conserving precious natural resources  i.e. WATER & ENERGY. Our clients have benefitted by tremendous water conservation and able to achieve sustainable and cost effective ZLD with our technology. We are very confident that  SCALEBAN will not only continue to achieve ZLD across industrial spectrum but also save huge amount of water across the GLOBE. In fact his desire to provide constant service to the society and human being to great extent is fulfilled by this. Actually SCALEBAN works on that theme only, “CONSERVE….. PRESERVE…..SERVE”