SCALE-BAN™ is a Zero Liquid Discharge(ZLD), Anti-Scaling, Non-Chemical Water Treatment Solution for Industries.

Water = Life, Conservation = Future. Save Water!!


We manufacture SCALE-BAN™ 'A Non Chemical Water Treatment Equipment' which prevents deposition of hard water scale in the heat transfer area.

Water is Nature's most wonderful, most abundant , and most useful compound. It is estimated that two-thirds of earth's surface constitutes water. It also occupies a unique position in industries. It has very important use as an engineering material in power generation. Water is also used as a coolant in power and process plants. Water is very complex in nature. It contains a lot of impurities in dissolved & suspended form. The Calcium and Magnesium salts present in water determine the hardness of water. It is this hardness of water, which is of main concern for scale related problems in industries.

Power Industries

Power Industry

Strange but true.
You can save water up to 30% of make-up water in cooling tower through increase of COC (Cycle of Concentration) from 3-4 to 15-16.Improve heat transfer efficiency through higher and constant vacuum in condenser due to zero scale in tubes.
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Steel Industries

Steel Industry

Can you imagine zero scale in induction furnace even when using raw un-softened water ?
Yes, your imagination will become a reality when our unique online equipment SCALEBAN is put into service.
Reduce melting time thus save power consumption.
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Solvent Industries

Solvent Industry

No Plant Shutdown because of Hard water scaling, saving of water and better Hexane Recovery leading to improved profitability.
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Distilleries Industries


Want to achieve Zero Liquid Discharger (ZLD) ?
Just divert the feed of spent leese, process condensate, RO unit reject water to cooling tower as make-up water. Dispense with condensate Polishing unit.
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Chemical Industries

Chemical Industry

Want to have total absence of hard water scale in heat transfer equipment and achieve conservation of water by utilizing RO reject & ETP treated water as make up water in cooling tower?
Just install our online unique scaleban equipment and have the trouble free performance even on using raw water of high hardness and TDS.
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Refrigeration Industries

Refrigeration Industry

Have total elimination of hard water scale in cooling system. Maintain optimum head pressure.
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Want to have total absence of hard water scale in boiler? Reduce Shutdown, extend life of tubes?
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A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man.

Why Choose Us?
SCALE-BAN™ has been successful in Saving Precious Water for Industries with working of Cooling Tower at higher COC's with direct use of Raw Water, Effluent treated water, RO Reject water.SCALE-BAN™ gives excellent water savings beside total prevention of scales in heat exchangers/ Condensers in cooling water services in power / chemicals/ solvent extraction / paper / sugar steel & dairy industries etc.
Our Strengths
Conserve water by utilizing spent leese/ process condensate water/ ro reject/ raw water as make-up water in cooling tower with zero scaling guarantee in condensers for 20 years.
Our Vision
Our Vision is to help industry in generating more production per unit of Water and to be pioneer in preventing water Pollution and saving it to be used for productive purpose.
Our Achievements
The company today has established itself in the market and known for Operation Efficiency, functional capability, Unbeatable Design & Workmanship, and all these collectively have fetched our claimed benefits to our esteemed clientle.
Our Goal
The goal of SCALE-BAN™ EQUIPMENTS PVT. LTD is quite simple: to save water today and create for tomorrow.

Our Clients

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